Negombo Day Tour

Negombo Day Tour

  • Pick up from Negombo or Colombo
  • Visit Angurukaramulla Temple/St Mary’s Church/Muthumariamman Kovil/Grand Mosque
  • Dutch Fort Negombo
  • Negombo Lagoon Boat safari
  • Transfer to Hotel or Katunayake International Airport

The prime destination is Negombo, the mesmerizing western coastal area of the country.

Angurukaramulla Temple/St Mary’s Church/Muthumariamman Kovil/Grand Mosque - Get a glimpse of the multi-faith influences in this town with visits to the Angurukaramulla temple known for its amazing murals, sculptures and paintings of religious and historical significance, St Mary’s church is an example of the blending of European and Sri Lankan styles of art and architecture, St Stephen’s church completed in 1877 in the Gothic style, Sri Muthumariamman Kovil known for its Dravidian architecture and benefits to its devotees and the Grand Mosque in Negombo.

Dutch Fort Negombo - The Portuguese fort that stood where the current Negombo Fort is situated was mostly destroyed by cannon during the Dutch siege in 1644. The Dutch fort was built on its ruins, not on the usual square pattern, but on a pentagonal one, though it had only four bulwarks. The fifth one was never built. The fort was located on a narrow strip of land between a lagoon and an inlet of the sea. It was surrounded by moats, and the gate was accessed via a drawbridge. Facing it on the landside was a town with the familiar rectangular pattern of streets which was itself protected by earth walls. The area to the west was regularly flooded by the sea, changing the land on which the fort stood into a peninsula. Governor Rumpf described the fort as a ‘fine defensible structure’ when he visited it in 1720, but the painter Heydt, who painted it in 1744, was less enthusiastic and felt that it could have been built ‘somewhat more durably’. The Dutch fort is now part of the prison in Negombo.

Boat Safari in Nigambo Lagoon - Negombo Lagoon is characterised by high biodiversity in its flora and fauna. The mangrove community in the lagoon is the most diverse of all mangrove communities in the west coast of Sri Lanka. The zonation of plants and animals in the mangroves is not as spectacular as that in South East Asia, because of the low tidal fluctuation, but in the number of species of plants and animals in the lagoon, mangroves, seagrasses and mudflats, it is second to none.

On completion of this tour, you will be driven back to your hotel or Katunayake International Airport for Departure.

Note: This itinerary can be changed according to your personal preferences. Your transportation and accommodations can be arranged for attractive prices. Hotel reservations also may be arranged as your wish.

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